Black Pants Studio is an independent game studio rooted in Berlin.


Early history

Black Pants was officially founded in 2012, but the idea of making games together had been introduced years before that, when University of Kassel IT students Christian, Jones and Sys had started working on their own game engine titled “Scape”. Their programming skills by far surpassed their artistic skills and so they went on their quest to find like-minded artists at the School of Arts and Design Kassel. Stamm, Flo and later Tobi joined the Black Pants and together they worked on their first PC game, Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers - a “3D jump-and-slice adventure”.

Tiny & Big

With the release of IGF Student Showcase winner Tiny & Big, it became clear that Black Pants wanted to do more than one project and they would start their own company. The game won many other awards, including the German Game Award. Sys left the studio to concentrate on a career in the IT industry and the team started with new projects. Tobi had created and released a mobile game called About Love, Hate And The Other Ones, together with two other students, one of them - Lennert - joining the ranks of the Pants, taking over for Flo, who left to pursue his own projects. Around that time the team decided to expand for their upcoming PC game and hired Rico as an additional programmer and Murmel to crunch some numbers and expand public interaction.


In 2013, Black Pants published the game Symmetrain by two close friends of the studio. Right now, they are working on their next PC release, named On Rusty Trails, to be released in 2015 and a PC port of About Love, Hate And The Other Ones. Together with Rotopol Press a publishing house in Kassel, Stamm has released his first Black Pants Action Comic called Leschek’s Flight.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of Best Independent Comic ICOM Award" Best Independent Comic – 2014
  • "Winner of Best Youth Game" Deutscher Computerspielepreis – 2013
  • "Pädi Award" Pädi Gütesiegel - 2013
  • "Winner Best Gameplay" Brazilian International Game Festival - 2013
  • "Nominee A MAZE Trophy" A MAZE Indieconnect – 2012
  • "Honourable Mention “Technical Excellence”" Independent Game Festival – 2012
  • "Winner of Best Student Concept" Deutscher Computerspielpreis - 2012
  • "Winner of Best Student Concept" Deutscher Computerspielepreis – 2011
  • "Winner Student Showcase" Independent Game Festival – 2011
  • "Winner of Best Newcomer" Deutscher Entwicklerpreis – 2011
  • "Winner of the Independent Propeller Award" IndiePub – 2011
  • "Honorable Mention Student Showcase" Independent Game Festival – 2011

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sebastian Stamm
CEO, Illustrator
Johannes Spohr
CTO, Engine Programmer
Tobias Bilgeri
Art Director