On Rusty Trails is a modern, illustrative platformer, set in a world constantly reacting to your change in identity. You are Elvis. Home owner, triangular metal person and lover of dryness. A sudden thunderstorm leaves your house dissolved into a pile of rubble. Only lightning-fast reactions will keep you from a looming rusty funeral. Don your Shifty Suit to incognito yourself and and walk among suspicious hairy folk. Perilous puzzles and prejudiced platforms will bar your way in this deceptively complex gaming experience.


The first major release for PC/Mac/Linux from Black Pants Studio after the great success of Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers. Work began shortly after the launch of Tiny and Big.


  • Slip into the Shifty Suit! Blast through this fast-paced platformer and instantly shift from rusty red to hairy blue to influence how the whole environment reacts to you.
  • Still stepping on the floor? Magnetic boots deliver a unique platform mechanic in multiple dimensions. Walk on walls and the ceiling and prepare for an adrenaline rush from treacherous puzzles.
  • A gloomy tale in finest comic art! Feast your eyes on the trademark Black Pants art style in this beautiful and bleak platformer and its miniature world with even smaller inhabitants. Eyes! FEAST!
  • Spite and prejudice! Stimulate your brains with a story about the loss of a low-rent flat, complicated misunderstandings and a looming war. And there is even forbidden romance.
  • It creaks, it cracks, it crunches! A dark and melodic soundtrack with an eclectic selection of music. Haunting robotic sounds for your rainy days and the industrial revolution.​


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Selected Articles

  • If Pixar made a platformer, this would be it.
    Jed Whitaker, Game Revolution
  • This deceptively complex title builds a wonderfully designed world of puzzles and lightning-fast reactions to create a fun and challenging experience.
    Chaz Miller, Twinfinite
  • On Rusty Trails NEEDS to be put on your list of stuff to play in 2016.
    Greg Wilcox, Destroy All Fanboys
  • The melancholic environment with its constant rain and thunderstorms is the canvas for a treacherously challenging and surprisingly deep platformer.
    Gijs Scheltens,
  • This platformer looks like an enchanting comic.
    Lisa Fleischer, GIGA
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About Black Pants Studio

Black Pants Studio is an independent game studio rooted in Berlin.
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On Rusty Trails Credits

Tobias Bilgeri
Game Design & Assets
Sebastian Stamm
Illustration & Assets
Johannes Spohr
Rico Possienka
Game Code
Steffen Martin
Sound Design
Florian Masuth
PR & Marketing
Christian Niemand
PR & Marketing